Does anyone else have a dog that actually watches tv?

We just discovered today that our new puppy can distinguish between shapes on the television. None of our other dogs does this. Also my boyfriend’s father’s dog will bark when animals appear on television. Is this common amongst certain dogs and does yours do it?

Answer #1

I have a cat that watches tv….lol

Answer #2

Our old dauchsund mutt used to watch cartoons. She would howel and cry and tear our house up if we didnt leave cartoons on for her when we were out of the house.

Answer #3

My Cat Watches T.v And So Do Her Kittens!

Answer #4

Yes, there are lots of dogs who enjoyed watching tv.

Answer #5

Our dog likes to watxh “animal” programs on TV. Sometimes I think he has a sixth sense–one day he was sitting on the couch beside me when up came a news item about a raid upon a house.. The reporter mentioned that one of the dogs (in the house) had bitten a Police Sargent and was going to be put to sleep. Whilst all this was going on, our little terrier stared at the screen just as if he knew what the reporter was saying!

Answer #6

Its not that they really watch tv, its just that they are curious about some of the sounds coming out of it. But it does look like they are watching it.. My dogs do it all the time.

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