what can i do if dogs (pit bull types) keep attacking my dog?

how can i protect her? btw my dogs deaf

Answer #1

Talk to the dogs owners, see if they can pin up the dogs…especially becasue your pooch has a dissability.

Answer #2

my dog has been attacked twice in two weeks one dog did not have an owner and locked it jaw on my dogs rib’s and the other dog owner was confident the dog was okay, but it locked it’s jaw on my dogs neck. I cannot tell them in enough time they attack before i get to say anything

Answer #3

If you see a pit bull just walk to the other side of the street or something to put off interaction.

Answer #4

If there are dogs running free, you need to call your local animal control and have them picked up.

Answer #5

well yeah i always try and walk away if i see any dog, they just come over and i dont know what to do, i think aw it dont matter but then my dog is getting attacked,

Answer #6

we called the police when it happened

Answer #7

Well it says on your profile that your in the united kingdom so pit bulls are illegal here arn’t they? For starters, please please do not walk her on the same route that you normally do when you see these dogs and change your route for the meantime. You need to call a dog warden so that these dogs can be captured and detained and if they are found to be pit bulls they will be put down by law. Also, there is something you are forgetting here- YOUR safety, as much as your dog may be vulnerable due to the fact that she is deaf, you are at risk from these dogs. Pit bulls are notorious for their aggression and snapping. You REALLY need to phone a dog warden for your dogs’, other dogs and the public’s safety.

Answer #8

Call Animal Control - they should fix your predicament.

Answer #9

thankyou for you advice,

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