dog breeding

well its not exactly dog breeding…me and my neighbor are going to mate our dogs next year. my dog is the male. how are supposed to do it…I mean…like do you put my dog in my neighbors dog yard so they can mate or the female in my dogs yard or put them in a pen or what?

Answer #1

You are welcome, People have to realize that not all of us are bad breeders. That is like saying “ because on person beat there child, we all will treat our children that way.”

Answer #2

look no offense or anything but there are sooo many animals in shelters now, why on earth would you want to add to that? or at least why would you want to let someone have a good feeling bout adoptin a dog instead of some flippin breeder??? ya try thinkin of that while your letting shelter dogs find the injection?

Answer #3

Well usually you take the female to the male, but if they already know eachother, I feel that when she goes into heat all you will have to do is put them in the yard, pen or anything and he should mount her. I hope you do your homework before all this because it is quite involved and takes money.

Answer #4

Most people put them in a pen and although dogs arent picky like humans when it comes to sex ,, some dogs just wont do it!!

Answer #5

I have to go with haniah on this one…Do you know precisely WHY you are doing this? Are you trying to “improve” the breed? Do you have such a love for dogs, that you are willing to take back any pup, that goes out to someone who cannot keep it? Are you willing to have Vet check ups, xrays to know how many pups to expect? Do you have an emergency fund, just in case there is trouble at the whelping, or with one of the pups? Are these going to be little “freebies”??


Answer #6

thanx for your support harleyrider.

Answer #7

don’t let NO one discourage u, but do you’r home work!

Answer #8

I wound strongly suggest against “backyard breeding” because although your intentions may be good, there’s simply an epidemic of overflowing animal shelters all over the United States. If you walked into the city animal shelter and witnessed first hand how many perfectly amazing dogs had been brought in only to be terminated because a lack of potential adoptive “families”, and still felt it was a good idea to go on with the breeding, then that’s your decision and I’ll respect that. . .but please do yourself the favor of finding out how many dogs are put into the shelter and terminated on a daily basis.

And yes, I live in a less than stellar neighborhood where I’ve seen pitbulls mauled from fighting or starved from overbreeding, dogs abandonned by their owners because they moved away and children who believe it’s ok, dogs hit by cars and left on the side of the road without so much as a call to animal services to have them picked up, a yard full of over 20 malnourished puppies. . .the list goes on. . .it breaks my heart every day.

Answer #9

Pisiestyx, I don’t think calling it “backyard breeding” would be the right term. I do agree with getting a puppy from a person who has a litter and has nothing to hide from you, I do agree with getting a dog from a shelter or rescue group, I don’t agree with getting a puppy from a dog store, or a puppy mill. If she wants to breed her dog and knows EVERYTHING that goes into it and is picky about the homes she chooses for them, then there is nothing wrong with that. Some people still want purebreed dogs to do the job they were breed for. I live near a lot of farmers and boder collies are very popular.
She needs to choose weather she is doing it for a good reason or not and what that reason is. There are a lot of great breeders on this site who give up there life and home when we have a litter of puppies and I would say for the most part all of the puppies are raised “under foot” you can come to my house any day unannounced and walk right in. I do (as you can tell) get upset when people want to bash people for breeding dogs. The dogs in the shelter did not come from me and though I do reccomend adopting a dog if you can, I still don’t want responsiable breeds to get beat up either. I love my breed. And I also have a messed up Aussie that came to the Vet hopital where I work. He is deaf, bad hips, messed up front leg and I just found a lump on his good front leg, This is from a bad breeder who either knew, did not care, or did not do their homework to know better not to breed Merle on Merle, 1 out of 4 puppies could be born deaf, blind or both, it is called lethel white. I am all for adopting but I will not beat up those who breed for good reason and do a great job at it.

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