What do I do if my dog got bit by a fire ant around her eye?

Answer #1

Wash it off and wait and if it gets really swollen go to the doctor.

Answer #2

if the area swells up it indicates infection so if that happens, take her to the vet, dont hose the dog down if theres fire ants on her as that will aggrivate them and make them bite more.if there arnt any fire ants on her, feel free to hose her down. fire ant bites are painfull at first and then get really ichy, so she might end up scratching her eye with her paw, try to stop her from doing that, keep the area cool if you can

Answer #3

dont put heat on it! ice if she’ll let ya and wash it off like zach said. :P if its really worrying yo uthough id call a vet and see what you should do

Answer #4

Yeah and I added anti-itch cream I looked that part up (: thanks but ill will check on her and make sure she’s fine

Answer #5

Kayyy thank youu =D

Answer #6

Ok thnx (:

Answer #7

welcum :) hope it helped

Answer #8

maybe to stop your dog from scratching it, get it a cone dealy

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