Does the music you listen to tell who you are??

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Well, I thing it works for me, because, my playslist is like my mood, in time, if a feel really happy I play something really energic, or if I'm sad I play something to much low, but, maybe lyrics, could help, because isn't the same an energic sad son than and a happy ballad(:
Maybe I'm wrong, but it's like I think, music doesn't wanna be classified, just listened...

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the music I listen to doesn't tell me who I am, it compliments who I am, but it doesn't dictate my personality.
the music I listen to inspires me at times, lets me know I am not alone at times,takes away my agressions, and sometimes allows my mind to wander and temporarily get away from it all.
as stated above, most of us listen to different kinds of music, at different times.
I am primarily heavy metal, but I have kelly clarkson cd's, bangles, and even a tanya tucker cd.
so if music tells me who I am- then who I am is someone who likes a wide range of music.

Anyone listen to real music? Cannibal corpse,metallica,any metal?

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I don't think it does.

If it does, I don't want to know what it says about me.
I'll listen to anything.
From Hannah Montana to Insane Clown Posse to Taylor Swift.


I love to listen to music and I can't stop
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A lot of people class people by what they listen to. For example..listening to 'screamo emo' music makes you an emo. Listening to 'indi' music makes you an indi kid.
I don't do that personally, I try not to let people fall into categories. Everyone is their own person...not part of random hoards of people if you see what I mean...

If I listen to music before going to bed I can't sleep

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I think that if you listen to the lyrics that really move someone it will tell how they really feel and who they really are. At least it is very true for me.

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