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Does the dentist terrify anyone else??

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All my life I've had cavities, so the trip to the dentist was always terrifying. I mean, someone drilling into your mouth? And that sound of the drill, and the smell... I have to go to the dentist tomorrow and im scared. But I know I always feel better once all my work is done.. but still. I will avoid the dentist for as long as possible, until my eating can't take my cavity anymore. Oh and BTW, my bad dental luck is not from lack of care, I brush my teeth everyday and floss, I seem to have been born with "soft teeth" what one dentist has told me. And when I do get a cavity, it grows rapidly.

Is anyone else as scared of the dentist as I am? I know those lucky few who have never had a cavity in their life or just had one or two may not be so scared, but what about those who have had a lot of cavities? I swear I feel like fainting when I lay in that chair!