Does she like me?

What feeling does/did (?) this girl has/have for me? She used to 1-passively stare at me (have caught her doing that many times & even then she never stopped stating) 2-smile at me,expose her neck 3-sometimes touch my shoulder 4-try talking to me (as I would always be monosyllabic & not try talking to her) 5-I remember we were sitting next to each otheron revolving chairs,I kept on rotating(moving right-left) due to which my knees were consitently brushing past her knees(not on purpose,but subconsciously!), but still she did not object to it but on the contrary ,kept talking to me. 6-once in an elevator (that could hold 10-15 people ) only me ,her & some other guy was present,she was talking to him & I was silent(stupid me ?) even in such ample space she stood so close to me that our clothes where touching 7-once about 15-20 of us were standing & being lectured by an authority figure for some time,she on one occaison kept heading back(I was behind her) one step at a time

I know this may stupid , I also know the answer (may be) , I guess I dont have enough confidence/trust in myself. . . . .

Also I have seen that some girls keep looking at me for very long amount of time ( it has happened quite a few times) what does it mean and what should I do ??

Answer #1

yea, sounds like this girl likes you… the other girls could think your hott… girls look at hott guys subconcsiously… even if they dont like the guy they are looking at. or maybe it could be your body? I find myself looking at this one guy because he is completely ripped! these girls could like you, do they try to talk to you? they might just have a crush on you… but yes it sounds like this specific girl likes you… and if you like her ask her out!

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