Does rubber come from a rubber tree plant?

I thought that rubber was a man made substance but someone told me that it came from a tree called a rubber tree plant. Is this true?

Answer #1

yes, i work with rubber there i a few differant types of rubber natural rubber is the rubber that comes from Pará rubber tree, synthetic rubber is what they make tires out of.

if you have any more questions on rubber please email me at (not russian I’m italian and native american)

Answer #2

The major commercial source of natural latex used to create rubber is the Para rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis (Euphorbiaceae). This is largely because it responds to wounding by producing more latex. Henry Wickham gathered thousands of seeds from Brazil in 1876 and they were germinated in Kew Gardens, England. The seedlings were sent to Colombo, Indonesia, Singapore and British Malaya. Malaya was later to become the biggest producer of rubber.

Other plants containing latex include figs (Ficus elastica), euphorbias, and the common dandelion. Although these have not been major sources of rubber, Germany attempted to use such sources during World War II when it was cut off from rubber supplies. These attempts were later supplanted by the development of synthetic rubber. Its density is 920 kg/m3.

Synthetic rubber is made through the polymerization of a variety of monomers to produce polymers. These form part of a broad study covered by polymer science and rubber technology. Its scientific name is polyisoprene.

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