Does my Guy friend have a Crush On Me?

I;m secretly Crushing on a Guy friend of mine…I think there is a possibility that he may like me that way too but im not sure..its hard to tell since hes already a friend…anyways..I plan on telling my Crush how I feel..How should I do this exactly and when?how can I find out if there is a possibility he likes me before I declare my feelings?what are signs your guy friend likes you

Answer #1

well i am a guy so i think i could help u with this one. well first every time he walks past u in the halls or somthing does he take a quick glance at u?well if he does theres another one. well .lol does he talk to u alot? does he try to make u laugh with the keyword being TRY>well…….um does he try to start a conversation with u? again with the keyword being try>cause they dont come out of no where telling u a life story i can tell u that. does he like to or does he stay closer to u in resturaunts or cafes’? these are some search me if u want any others im kinda stuck on this one actually but i do hope it helps i meen hurts i mean

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