Does my ex-fiancee love me?

There was a problem with my ex fiancee. Every time he told that he loves me. but in a serious situation he didn't even try to solve it. When I ended this relation he didn't think to phone me or tell me that we want to return back or see me and that he was wrong.

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Dear Mo80a. I empathize with your hurt and disappointment. Not being familiar with the customs there in your country it is very difficult for me to give you advice. I would think that the following would be true, regardless of culture and tradition. If a either party has cause to end an engagement they have that right. The dis-emgaged person is responsible to appeal for reconciliation and restoration of the engagement. Now having said that. If he offended you and isn't remorseful of it. Wait for him to "admit it and quit it". Do the work he needs to do to get help in the area of his weakness and seek to be reconciled to you. If he won't in a short time. Give him up and get on with your life. Perhaps you could give us some more information to help us advise you. Thanks and Good Luck Gino.

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Dear mo80a,
Some people are not good dealing with conflict so they choose not to handle some of the more difficult situations perhaps hoping the problem goes away or that someone else will handle it. You ended the relationship so I wouldn't expect him to told him it was over did you expect him to come back begging? If you did then you've gotten a valuable lesson didn't you. If you would like for your relationship to continue with him I suggest you call him telling him that you really don't want it to be over but we must as mature adults discuss (the situation) the ended with the break up. If you can't communicate with him perhaps it is best that it is over.
Sue....good luck

Do I really love him?

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