Does masturbation makes your vigina loose or not?

does masturbation makes your vigina loose or not? is it normal for a 15 year old girl to masturbate does it harm her?

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It's completely normal for a female of any age to masterbate. It depends on how you masterbate on whether or not you'll get "loose". If you use dildos or other toys that go inside your vagina, then it depends on the width of the dildo or toy. If you are concerned or worried then go for toys and dildos that are thinner that won't stretch your body.

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right to start off yes it will make the v*gi*a looser but only very slgithly(well at least thats what i found)! but to be honest this is a good thing as it means sex for the first time will not hurt as much and also sometimes in masdabation can break the hymen(a peice of skin about 2inches into your vagina which breaks the first time you have sex and yes it does hurt when it breaks!) and sometimes it can break the hymen so that it wont actually hurt unlike sex9although i do know people who broke their hymen in sex but it didn't hrut at all)

secondly it is perfectly normal to mas*er*ate at the age of 15! i started at about 13-14! and you will probably find most of your friends are doing it just wont admit it!

hope this helped!

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I didn't have sex before I what I did just I put my finger inside my vagina but surprised me that I didn't find blood I dunno what I can I dunno if I am virgin or not?

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it wont make you any looser .. not really, and its perfectly normal most 15 year olds do it and its not affected them so you will be perfectly finee :)

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not at all,, I find it tighten my vagina because when I mastubate and orgasm my inner muscles contract when I feel nice and that help to tighten the vigina. I only use my finger to play with and rub my clitory but I dont insert any thing inside.

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Personally I finger and rub my girlfriend, and she doesn't feel any looser to me, and she masterbates more then I do, AND THTS a lot, so relax. The best thing to do is masterbate however much you want, just hold off for a few days before you have sex, and your man wont notice a thing! L8ER...

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that answer was completely wrong, the vagina is very "elastic". Even after using a large dildo you will (sometimes kinda slowly) revert to your normal tightness. After children, the elasticity of it will change, but it can still be and usually is still tight. Masturbation obviously turns you on, there is nothing wrong with it at all, especially at your age. Also, I find the more turned on I am, the tighter my vagina becomes. The only way you would hurt yourself would be using something sharp, or your fingers may become crampy if done for too long, but that goes away and is usually worth the effort. :)
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I am doing it because my boyfriend and I seldom see each other. and sometimes I do it while we are talking on the phone but I dont feel it becoming loose he still enjoys it when we are on bed on any position

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Are you a dirty slut? You are 15 why are you messing with yourself down there? It will make you loose. If you use your hands a lot on it, it will stretch the outside layers out and make them look like an old woman's wrinkly forehead. Is that what you want a guy to see down there? A guy will see that and take off running and tell his friends.

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