Does love really suck or are we all just complaining?

Does love really suck or are we all just complaining?

Answer #1

it sux sometimes. we’re not just complaining, lol. for people who have ever been hurt by love, they know. only those who haven’t experienced the pain think us “broken hearts” are just whining.(I dont mean u, in general, lol)

Answer #2

Oh, well that changes my answer. Life sucks if you let it…or want it to. Or some might answer with another question: “Life sucks, compared to what?”

Answer #3

we are complaining dear lol… love has its ups and downs… it is like it is alive all in itself

Answer #4

It’s the latter.

Answer #5

I agree with love struck

Answer #6

I have NEVER been in love

Answer #7

Well I havn’t felt like I’ve been in love so I wouldn’t no lol

Answer #8

oppsys it is supost 2 say LIFE not LOVE

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