Does lifting weights make you muscular?

Or does it make your arms skinnier

Answer #1

Losing fat makes them skinnier. If you do 15-20 reps you will still gain muscle but the focus is mainly on toning your muscles. Most girls choose 15-20 reps, and body builders will do closer to 6 reps to see big muscles.

Answer #2

lmao. lifting weights helps you gain muscle w. proper eating and rest.

Answer #3

yea it can but it matters how you do it

Answer #4

different if your trying to get “toned”. is that what you meant when you said skinny? if so, then more reps as opposed to more weight will make your arms toned and fit.

Answer #5

what is key in weightlifting, is a good diet, and rest. your muscles don’t grow while they’re being worked, they grow while resting and rebuilding.

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