Does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?

Does it hurt to get your belly button pierced??

Answer #1

no it doesent, but it does sting snd sort of ache for a while after. As long as you clean it for 6 weeks twice a day (it seems like forever) with salt water it will be fine. when I had mine done they put a big needle through and then pushed it through with a plastic tube and then pushed the plastic tube through wiht the bar and it was done in a minuete and it didnt hurt :). I was quite scared it would hurt so I asked the woman who did it before I had it done if it would and I really wanted them to freeze it but they arenet aloud do it any more because of health and saftey, but I did get it done and I was fine :D

Answer #2

My friends say they hurt for days after… and hurt like mad to change the jewelery. If I was you I would wait a while and ask yourself ‘Do I want my cute little belly button to have a long piece of metal heaved through it?’ I don’t really like them! Belly buttons should be CUTE not sexy! hehe, but it’s up too you.

Answer #3

Depends on your pain tolerance. It hurt more then I thought it would, but that only lasted for a couple of minutes.

Answer #4

I got mine when I first turned 15. mine didn’t hurt at all. it was like a little pinch and then it was done. since I was under 16 my mom had to go and prove that she was my mom and had to sign a paper.

Answer #5

it depends on your pain tolerance also get it done profesionally if you do and if your under 16 youll probably need to bring an adult with you you should wait a bit longer if you are under 16 navel rings tend to grow out a bit as your body grows, so by the time your say 17, it will be half way out and youll need to get it re-done

Answer #6

My friend had her belly button pierced. She said it didn’t hurt when it was getting pierced, but it was HELL changing them!

The ball they put at the top was stuck so her dad had to break it with pliers. Then she took the ring itself out for 5 minutes and it closed up!! She litterally made it bleed and infected by trying to put it through.

But it depends on the person, if you clean it out good that won’t happen!

Answer #7

The piercing itself doesn’t hurt really all that much at’s quick. The most painful part is when they are putting in the jewelry because they are pulling on a freshly pierced area..but even that is more uncomfortable then painful. Then after about 30 min or so, it starts to be a little tiny bit sore for the rest of the night and next day, but nothing extremely painful..just a little tender to the touch. It’s not bad at’ll be fine

Answer #8

I’ve never got one done but my mom did and she said she didn’t feel a thing when she got it pierced but it hurt a lot the day after. But it’s only one day!

Answer #9

It hurts a little bit, like a big pinch, and then it’s sore while healing. It’s probably nothing you can’t handle.

Answer #10

Yea^ if you have a high pain tolerence then no. I personally did think it hurt that bad.

Answer #11

not at all I love piercings and tattoes

Answer #12

Well thanks guys for all your help but in the end I got it done it didnt hurt that much:):) x x

Answer #13

not really but it al depends on what you think hurts

Answer #14

Geez! I want mine pierced for x-mas :) im sure ill get it pierced. Im gunna put numbing cream on it though and see if that helps at all :D

Answer #15

Not at all. it was a little pinch and it was over… no pain afterwards unlike the tongue piercing. Do you have any other piercings?

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