does it hurt being fingered?

does it hurt being fingered and if you know your going to be should you shave or anything?

Answer #1

It didn’t hurt my first time, but also I use tampons. But I am dating this guy with really big fingers and the other day he fingered me. It hurt but when I relaxed and let it go it, it felt good. It really just matters on your body and his fingers.

Answer #2

welp. my first time. didnt hurt but yeah I wear tampons so.. but you should use one finger fer the first time 2 if you think your ready. but yeah talk to him about it. youll br better off. trustah me…lolzz

Answer #3

it might, it might not if you havent had anything up there before then it will probably hurt a little bit if you have things like tampons, your own finger, dildos ect up there then it probably wont hurt it will hurt a lot more if your not ready and if your not relaxed an no, you dont need to shave, shaving is a personal preferance you dont need to do it, because it doesnt really interfere if you want to, then do it but dont do it just to please someone else if you dont want to

Answer #4

its comepletly your decision if you want to shave or not!

I didnt hurt me at all , and I never use tampons! Just make sure your relaxed and ready and everthing should go fine!

Answer #5

well I personaly dont wear tampons but I just got fingered for the first time yesterday…it really didnt hurt. well kinda it was like a pinching but after the second time he did it I had to tell him to stop. it did hurt after tho…lol but I didnt bleed. umm but shaving is totally up to you, what ever makes you feel comfertable. good luck ;)

Answer #6

Okay wow same sititation as you not to long ago. Talk to whoever it is fingering if THEY have pubes, it’ll lead to him asking you, and then say well what would you rather have. Its really what he likes anyways. And if you have a small hole, YES it will hurt. I do, I dont even wear tampons. Its bad, you might want to stretch it out a little yourself. But if you don’t no it shouldnt really. Just tell him to use one finger the first time. You can do other things in your, you know that feel good. Let him know. (Rubbing your clit)

Answer #7

It didn’t hurt me at all the first time I was fingered; just make sure your relaxed and everything.

And on the shaving part, my opinion is to shave. I personally think it would be gross for someone to get fingered with a lot of hair down there, but it’s always your choice.

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