Does it gross out guys to eat a girl out?

So, are guys like, repulsed when they eat a girl out? Do they do it just to please girls, or is there some enjoyment there? what can a girl do to make it better (besides being clean down there)?

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It is wonderful! 99% of lesbians cant be wrong!



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Haha sure lots of enjoyment.. haha seriously though it doesnt bother me personally... other people I know hate it and are opposed by it... so I think its more on the type of guy and how adventuras he is...

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It's very unusual for a guy to be repulsed by performing oral sex on a woman. Most guys love it. Some are even good at it ;) Younger guys might prefer their girls to be trimmed or shaved, and all guys love some type of feedback that what they're doing is good.

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Well it all depends on what he thinks about you. There are some girls that I would love to go down on and there is some that I would just never. Also depends on your hygene. And we'll usually only do it I he girl is willing to return the favor

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if the girl is clean then its an enjoyment. but if the girl vagin*a taste wierd, then we're just doing it to please her. I preferred a girl being really trim or shaven.

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Lol, it doesn't gross me out, but I cant speak for the guys... Apparently most of them agree though...

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yer if you find a guy that says he won't eat you out, DUMP HIM RIGHT NOW!
I'm serious ...

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Some guys feel grossed out by it. (more common than you think).It's unfair because girls often talk to other guys that love it and find a huge disrespect for their boyfriends just because of their discomfort. Whatever happened to understanding?

If you find a guy that doesn't want to, give him space, and motivation. Support him so he can get over his fear of it. Don't dump him like the poster above me said. There are much greater needs in this world, and if you absolutely need oral sex... you're probably a slut incapable of maintaining a relationship.

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I dont know if all guys thinks its gross but my fiance loves it ...its one of his favorite things to do he even wakes me up by doing it

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Girls if you want to convince your guy to eat you out, I have a couple of tips as a guy. There is nothing sexier than going down between a girls legs to find no hair, tanned thighs, and yes, a tanned pu$$y. Make absolutely sure that you are clean because if he tries once and you are not so fresh down there, chances are he will NEVER try again. Also, boy shorts go a long long way. The rest is up to you and your imagination. Oh and to answer your questions, no it is not gross at all to eat a girl out especially if she has a sexy moan!!

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I think that it should not gross a guy out because guys have no problem asking girls for a blowjob; so they should be just as excepting.

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Im a guy, and I haven't actually done it yet, but the idea doesnt repulse me at all, I'm really looking forward to it and I'm turned on by the idea. I don't know why, but thats how I am. I want to give my girlfriend as much pleasure as possible

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It shouldn't, its a bit of an immature attitude - as long as the girl is neat and fresh, a guy should be honored to do it - works both ways, men need to take care of themselves too and then we can all enjoy mutual lovely oral sex

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