Does hydrogen peroxide help?

I have a cut on my arm and it really hurts =/
I looked online and it said to put Savlon on it. I tried that but it said 'not for infected cuts' and its been hurting so much, and it's kinda red so I'm not sure if it is. l put some on anyway, and it seemed to work, but now (the next day) it looks a bit worse and still hurts.

Apparently, Hyrdrogen Peroxide helps?
Does anyone know where I can get some, or any other ideas?

Thanks so much xx

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ifeellcrazy123 is I guess ...crazy
it best to use peroxide, then after wash it out with sum warm water,bandage your self up
you can find it at you nearist stores
like target or wallgreens ect...

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Don't use hydrogen peroxide on your wounds. It's not a good idea. And rather then keeping it bandaged, actually keep it open ( just make sure that you don't get it dirty) and it'll heal better.


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Don't use hydrogen peroxide. Rather go to the doctor or pharmacist and get a topical ointment like bactroban. I'd get that arm checked out if I were you especially if it looks infected and hurts a lot.

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