Does God love gays?

does God love gays but hates the sin in the gay person? I dont know what to thingk many peopel say that god hates sin and that being gay is a sin? a lot of people also say that God destroyed sodom and gomora because of the sin in the city and that there was homosexuality there. Does the bible say expesificaly that god dosnt like the sin homosexuality? if it does were?

Answer #1

god loves everyone, no matter who they are or what they do!!

Answer #2

jimahl, God created adam and eve, not adam and steve

((POINTS DEDUCTED)) …for simple lack of originality.

Answer #3

God does not hate at all I couldent even say he hates the devil he says you should not hate so why would he go agenst his own word he wouldent god loves every one the same gays he loves like all of his children but he does not like that fact that there gay this is what I believe

Answer #4

yes that is why he has created gays so us as humans can become more open minded to other thoughts and I think that they should be treated equally but this modern world has not done that. remember god does things for a reason

Answer #5

hm. this is a hard question. what I think is that God loves EVERYONE. Everyone sins. He may hate the fact that they are sinning…but I think He still loves them. Why would he create someone that he would hate? Yes, homosexuality is a sin…but I think God would want us to treat them with love and respect.

Answer #6

God created humans in the image of himself. God is gay.

Answer #7

flossheal, you are a well-intentioned, and open-minded christian. Christianity needs a lot more of them. Not the bigots like many on this site.

They will condemn someone who is gay because they think it is wrong, and then twist scripture to justify the bigotry. Why can’t they just mind their own business?

Answer #8

god loves everybody thats why he created us so yeah he loves the gays to no matter if they are gay or not so what kinda mind do you have because if you have a right mind then you should know that god loves EVERYBODY!!!

Answer #9

Why don’t you just ask god instead of us?

…oh yeah I almost forgot, because he doesn’t answer. It’s almost like he didn’t exist at all.

Answer #10

The Old Testament God hates homosexuals and kills them. O.T.God also says homosexuals should be stoned to death.

The New Testament God loves all his children, but still considers homosexuality to be a sin. N.T.God hates sin, not the sinners. So I guess this means N.T.God loves the gays, but hates the fact that they’re gay.

…kinda bipolar, huh?

Answer #11

According to the christian verison of god, it sure doesn’t seem too. But they never really explain why it is a sin. I mean, other sins are self evident. Murder, theft, lying, they are all easy to understand, they violate someone elses rights. But what are gays doing, other than loving each other? I think if JC were real, he would like gays much better than the self righteous christians condemning them to hell today.

Answer #12

jimahl, God created adam and eve, not adam and steve

Answer #13

God hates gays. No offence if you are gay or christian.

Answer #14

The ‘trigger’ sin for the Soddom and Gomorrah destruction was attempted rape - homosexual rape in this case, but I understand that the offense in God’s eyes was the intention to gang-rape some visitors. I don’t think this answers your wider question but it does remind us that we really have to look at what the Bible is actually talking about, not what we kind-of -think it means.

Answer #15

god loves all but hates sin, so I think he loves tha gay just hatez wut they duin.

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