Does colored hairspray really work?

yeah I know its along time till halloween but I like to plan early, so what I want to do is go totally emo this year, but I really dont want to wear a black wig because well that’d be just a pain in the butt!! so I was planning to buy one of those colored hairspray bottles and I was wonderin if they really worked because one of my friends tried it and it worked but her hair was bleech blonde and she sprayed it yellow, so if it didnt work no one would notice but if this stuff doesnt work its going to look like crap on me because I have bright red hair and im just afraid that this stuff will just make it look dark arber instead of deep black. does anyone know if this colored hairspray will work?

Answer #1

if your spraying it brush it as you spray so you dont end up with dry hard clumply hair in the end it should be semi soft and pretty easy to style!

Answer #2

i have used the black before when i was younger and yeah it will work cause your spraying a darker colour, get someone to help you tho so you get all your hair, if you want to know more about if funmail me :) hope that helped Shell

Answer #3

it works but it takes more than looking emo to be emo believe me b/c i am one

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