Does Anyone Remember Kenan & Kel?

Title says it all really =] Anyone? I havn’t watched it since I was about 7…I used to love it! I just uploaded an episode onto my ipod and I’m about to watch it for the first time in years.. Woo!

Answer #1

yeeehhh orange soda! didnt the skinnier dude die of a heart failure or something. that is sad. :( the show was hilarious

Answer #2

Orange Soda!! Kenan Thompson is on Saturday night live, and Kel is on that show One on One – when they are in the college years. He plays a guy named Manny that owns or manages the house the kids live in.

Answer #3

yeah its always on 124 I watch it all the time..

Answer #4

:O Just found out he’s alive and well =]

Answer #5

Ahh unfortunately I don’t have those channels over here.. Is it on Sky or.. because im in the UK =] x

Answer #6

ya I love that show they still play it on the and channel 123

Answer #7

its still on!!! I always watch it

Answer #8

Not unless it was just recently.

Answer #9

heck yes, that show was the bomb

Answer #10

I love Kel! He can’t die :O

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