Does anyone remember the hamster dance?

Doed anyone remember the hamster dance? I know it’s on youtbe, but I remember when it was a on song on a cd. We had it, but it broke. But do you remember them?

Answer #1

Hehehe chuckles to self slightly maniacly… of course I remember the hamster dance… how could I not, being your best friend and the one and only thundergerbil? Britz

Answer #2

LOL. WOW!!! I used to dance like crazy to that song!!! evry time the guy would do the “here we go!” I would change direction!!! I JUST LOVED IT!!

Answer #3

are ou still bff’s with her

Answer #4

and I’m her sidekick, fizzpop

Answer #5

lol yeah, brings back highschool! my bff used to love that song!

Answer #6

Hehehe- Heres to that raises glass filled to the brim with non-existant wine I’m not old enough to drink yet… hehehe, if you were asking about the imaginary wine, thats why.

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