Does anyone know someone who doesn't talk?

My best friend doesn’t talk and I don’t care. She’s an amazing selfless person. She isn’t deaf or mute or anything, she’s just too shy.

She really wants to speak though, but at this point, it’d cause a huge uproar if she spoke.

She may be moving soon though, and even though she doesn’t want to leave our friends, she wants to use it as an oppertunity to finally talk.

Do you know anyone like this?

Answer #1

in my orchestra class there was this girl that from what I saw never talked I know she isnt deaf or mute I think she is also shy but when we had a subsitute and he called her the whole class would look at her to see if she would say anything and she just raised her hand

Answer #2

I was like that last year, and still am a little but When I first spoke it was kinda annoying because people wouldnt shutup about it…

Answer #3

get her drunk, have a sleepover w/ only her closes friends, trust me she’ll defiantly get out of her shell then you guys can look back and laugh at it…” ha ha ha..”…

Answer #4

Well I know a kid named Alex who never talks & then when he does all he says is “fukc off “ or something like that lol its funny

Answer #5

Yeah, I know someone who doesn’t talk. She only answers questions in class. She has no friends and is considered a freak/weirdo when she’s very pretty. And a few weeks ago I had begun talking to her, and now she’s glued to me. People who don’t talk, in my opinion, either are hiding something, underselfesteemed, or are secretly sweet underneath.

Answer #6

I can be quiet sometimes … when im in a class with people I dont know im dead silent lol

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