Does anyone know anything about Wicca or witchcraft?

I just wanted to know if anyone could tell me what its all about, cause I am seriously considering becoming one.

Answer #1

With the good graces of everyone, I would simply like to express my opinion and leave it at that. Thanks in advance to everyone !

Wicca is one of the oldest know religions in the world. It is what is know as a “nature based” religion, believing in an energy life force in animate as well as inanimate objects. Governed by the “Rede” and the “Threefold” law as major premises of the religion, it is inherently designed for good purposes only. As with many other world religions, it does not recognize Jesus Christ to be the son of God, but “does” recognize a single sepreme spiritual being of the universe (often referred to as “The One”). It does not believe in Satan or Hell and has no worship sections that observe anything related. Being a nature based religion, the four basic entities of the religion are Earth, Wind, Water and Fire and the forces of nature that they each possess. The term “Warlock” is not a term that applies to the religion at all. It is more of a term that applies to the religion of Santanism, not Wicca. That term was only ever applied to the Wiccan religion in Hollywood and nowhere else. What has drastically distorted the general public’s opinion of the religion is the commercialization of the movie world. In films, Wiccans were depicted erroneously in many areas that were not true. People, at large, will often believe what they see only on the silver screen and never seriously look for the facts. Being a religion that existed before the beginning of Christianity, many of the religious practices in the Wiccan religion are actually very curiously parallel to Christianity. From invitation to the service, to invoking spirits to the service, and so on. Many of the comparisons of the worship service are astounding.

I, myself, am a Christian, but I am also an open minded student of world religions. I can only speak here of my own experiences personally and cannot, unfortunately, direct them toward anyone else in this discussion. But, what I “did” personally do, was take some time out of my life to get to the “real” truth of the religion itself. I spent some serisous time studying the religion and have had several candid conversations in emails with many people who seriously practice the religion.

All I will say for myself is that I am truly glad that I took the effort to learn, and as a result I personally gained a lot of respect for Wicca from what I have learned. I, personally, have six children and 16 grandchildren. If any were to come to me with a personal decision in regards to observing the Wiccan way, with what I have learned I would neither be afraid of their decision nor follow up with name calling and discouragement. Each of us in life has our own opinions and are entitiled to it. I personally believe that a person should be at least 18 years of age before they make any final decisions, but it is never too early to learn about various religions.

In the United States, our country was founded on the freedom of religion less anyone forget. I have my beliefs, and others have theirs. Name calling and condemning would never draw me to another’s religion, and I would never attempt to call another person down because they don’t believe the way I do. My personal beliefs are that no one religion has all the answers. We each hold a piece of the larger picture that perhaps none of us will ever truthfully fully understand.

If you read this all the way through, thanks. As an old man, I simply felt a need to share what I have learned and I thank you all for the opportunity to express myself here in this discussion.

Answer #2

I know well over 30 diffrent occult practicies & religouns tell me wha tyou know I can fill in the blanks about the basics & give ya some links to learn whatever else you want if needed

Answer #3

wicca is a very peaceful religion and I know that a lot of people think otherwise. there are actually guidelines in the wiccan religion. the biggest is the three-fold law. it states that anything you give into the universe is given back to you with 3x the force. the symbol of wicca is a pentacle. no, a pentacle is not the symbol of satanism. hollywood took the pentacle and perverted it to be that way. I have personally been prosecuted for being a wiccan. people are close-minded and frightened by the unfamiliar. and as for casting spells, it’s not like the spells in Harry Potter. there’s no wand or fancy, gibberish incantation or sparks or anything like that. it’s a simple ritual that includes wholesome ingredients. another guideline about wicca is the fact that a spell cannot manipulate, control, or harm anyone [ex: you cannot perform a spell to make someone fall in love with you, but you can do a spell to make you seem more appealing.] if you need some more info, just fun mail me :]

Answer #4

irishtomboy… DUDE… Wicca is not related to Satan worshipping… there IS a term for this, yes, & it’s called SATANISM…seriously… rolls eyes


There. Problem solved. Go & get your facts straight, THEN share with us your stereotypist opinion.

Answer #5

first off I’m not giving false info because my friend is a wicca and one day he told us everything it involves second how can you say witchcraft is peaceful when you claim to be a christian third warlock doesn’t mean traitor it means ‘a man who practices the black arts:a male witch,sorcerer,a fortuneteller or conjurer,wizard,or demon,etc. and fourth why would you think witchcraft is ‘peaceful’ when God is against that?

Answer #6

irishtomboy you couldn’t be more wrong all those things are diffrent warlock being a made up christain term do some research the roots of Wicca such as Pagan & druid are much older then christainity do some research, the bible doesn’t count

getting back on topic I know well over 30 diffrent occlut practices< funamil me if you’re truly interested in learning

Answer #7

Being a wiccan is learning about different elements and energy and casting spells and all that. You can still be a wiccan and believe in Jesus Christ. There is black magik and white magik.

Answer #8

Actually Wiccan is quite new, it’s not even a century old. It’s roots however, go back to ancient times. It’s lighter, more easy types of magick inspired by druids, Celtics, & such. Usually Wiccans believe in a God & a Goddess. & The reason why the beliefs systems are parallel is because way back in the day when the Christians trued converting witches & such to christanity hey winded up adopting some of their ways, such as holidays & such.

Answer #9

Wiccan is not just about casting spells, controlling energy, & such like that It’s a way of life, & self enlighment & if you are a wiccan you cannot practice black magic it’s mostly simple magick & such & a witch is basically just a practitioner of magick. There’s more than just black & white magick I myself know over 30 different types & I’ve heard of een more

Answer #10

I’m a Christian but Not a wicca. I haven’t been Wiccan trying to be both is like trying to be Muslim and Christian at the same time. . . Chrisian wiccans are not true Christians it’s like trying to be both poles on a magnet at the same time. . . they contradict each other in a major way.

Answer #11

irishtomboy- your words are mean and not true like rnealw I two are cristean and wicken and have practised both. wicken is not with saten its with god wether cristens think it or not. im reporting abuse

Answer #12

I know lots of things on wichcraft Im close to perfesonal . I’ve read up on it thousands of times.

      check out the book '' the unoffcial charmed companion the book of shadows'' by N.E Genge or fun mail me
Answer #13

Do not be deceived - witchcraft is witchcraft whether white or black. There is God the Father who truly loves you (good) and Satan (bad) yes! bad news who loves to lure people away from a loving, caring God. A person can start ‘small’ with the odd scary film, then go on to ‘witch’ or ‘horror’ films etc then get deeper and more ‘bewitched’ by the harmful stuff - I know. Sadly witches are real and would you really be satisfied with being a witch who does ‘good’ - the only true wholesomeness comes from God and He is supernatural - Give Him a try and ask Him to show you who He is and can be for you. Lol.

Answer #14

Irishtomboy. . . . I Was Wiccan for many years. I was well trained in the Arts and well respected for my ability in the Craft. How old are you 19? I spent more time studying the craft and learning the Art than you spent living, I was a third degree witch. Warlock is old english for Oathbreaker ( someone who is a traitor). the only time Warlock means witch is in historic christian tradition. You friend sounds like a Cowin want to be witch, , , , What is a cowen you ask? A cowen is someone who is not a witch. And what God wants of us, is for us to convert with peace not a crusade. . . . you should Read Acts 17 and consider what would of happened if Paul had started harping on the evil of the Polytheistic religions rather that looking for something in them he could use to teach with. . . I actually learned something good in witchcraft. .. . Herb lore. . . . By the way what is your friends witch name. . . . Mine was Akasha Threecrows and I earned my name Most are choosen. Almost forgot you ask how I could say witchcraft is peaceful? I understand what I speak of and it is not hear say knowledge it is first hand. I searched for a few years to find or rather be found by a wise one which understood the old ways. . . I now understand the old ways. . . I’ve walked the path of knowledge and it isn’t based on a fantasy roll playing game.

Answer #15

I’ve had the pleasure of training from a Gardinian coven and an Alexandrian Coven. . . plus guidence from Dianic, Seax and faery covens. . . I have since Converted to Christianity. . . Fredvins - Witches do Not kill with magick. Actually they Have to get permission to even do a helpful spell on you. what your describing sounds like Sorcery not Witchcraft. Witchcraft is Actually very peaceful. Irishtomboy - To call any witch a worlock is an insult since it means traitor. You just gave more miss informed information that I could give on Hinduism. It’s nothing like Harry potter, Harry is all fantasy. AND THE WORD IS MAGICK! Wiccan do not believe in Satan. . . Like Christians to not believe in Kali or Bali I never sold myself to Satan and I was Wiccan at one time. to Say Harry potter is childs play compared to Magick is Plain foolish. The Most dramatic thing about Magick is casting the spell. Magick is actually kinda Dull no floating people no flashing lights no flying broom sticks. Now Before you start saying I’m pro witch or speaking for Satan, I’ll have you know I’m a very Faithful Christian, I serve my Church and take part in Worship services. BUT I also know Kind and understanding words will go farther that trying to exchange bites with a snake. If your going to speak on a Subject like witchcraft you better understand it first Irishtomboy at this time you do not And you just closed a lot of ears with such mean and uneducated words.

Answer #16

Shysaguaro, please ignore everything Irishtomboy is saying, he really has no useful information.

My advice to you is to read up as much as you can, and talk to experienced Wiccans or Witches as much as you can. Don’t start claiming to be either yet, as it takes A LOT of knowledge to make an informed decision on a religion of any kind.

Answer #17

for irishtomboy witches don’t believe in satan(some sects of satanists don’t eitherthey don’t worship satan, where as satanists either believe satan is a symbol for what they believe or actually believe in him. as for witches. they cast spells or at least try (if it works or not I do not know ).but I do think if you believe in evolution than how can you believe in spells. if evolution is true than there is no supernatural and spells are supernatural.

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