Does anyone else love wet hot american summer?

Seriouslyy its the best movie ever!!! Its hilarious!! Any one else seen it?

Answer #1


All of my friends think it’s a stupid joke, but it’s GREAT.

Answer #2

its about the last day of a jewish day camp. its hilarious… the guy that made it is from cleveland. the humor is kinda wierd… some people don’t think its funny. but I love it. its so awkward.

Answer #3

hahaha ya, its just so funny because the guy thinks he’s hilarious

Answer #4

day b’ day is my fave. ps that was a great story.

Answer #5

What time is it? Judging by the sun, I’d say about 5-5:30. Oh. Oh! I have to go and see Jim…Stencil…he’s that guy.

Answer #6

Can you tell me about it? Please???

Answer #7

omg best movie ever!!! I love how we thought itd be a porno, then wasnt I WANT YOU INSIDE ME! DAY B’ DAY!

Answer #8

hahaha!! I LEARNED TO PROUD OF WHO I AM. im going to go hump a fridge.

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