Does Age Count?

Do you think the difference in age matters in love?

Answer #1

I totally agree with sophie_lea07. (Good luck by the way on the engagement and things… exciting). I totally DISAGREE with bublondee… Love does exist we just have to come across the person for us! As for you: I don’t think age matters… it’s only a number… yes, maturity can be questioned especially if he starts hanging out and fitting in with your friends and the conversations you’d have without him. You know those type of convos. I’m 19 so I know them still pretty well. Anyways don’t be in a relationship for sex or anything like that because you will utimately be unhappy and stuck in the relationship until HE wants out… and then you are BROKEN! Be in a relationship because you LOVE (not Lust) him. Have something in common with him and of course the physical attraction helps ~wink wink~. But as of age and that close of a margin… I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I used to not like anyone that went out with anyone that was like 7+ years older than their partner, but then I started dating older guys first 1-2yrs. older, then my age, then 4-5yrs. older, now I’m dating someone that’s like 22yrs. older than me and I still don’t see a problem, not yet anyways, but we haven’t been going a long time… so we’ll see how things work out! But good luck and I’m sure that ya’ll be fine… just try not to be clingy and obsessed. Remember love at your age does not usually last, but best of luck!!!

Answer #2

NO NO NO!!! it doesnt matter at all if you love that person and they love you…GO FOR IT! because love cant be stopped by anything especially not by a number…and you’ll probaly get some comments because of the difference but igonre them…I know this because im 14 and im going out with a 18 year old…and that doesnt stop us from loving each other!!! so go ahead love who you wana love despite what people say HOPE I WAS OF ANY HELP!! gud luck

Answer #3

it depends.. sometimes you can’t control who you fall in love w/, but age matters in some cases. if it haapens 2 b an illegal, it definately DOES matter. but like 1-3 years mostly doesn’t make that big of a difference, except in maturity. like the others said, it tends not 2 matter as much as you get older. that’s why older people (around 16-17+) are more likely 2 date people may older than them

Answer #4

Dear lean, Yes, of course it does. Our society typically sees males pairing up with females who are a few years younger to compensate for the maturity differences. When we start seeing a huge gap in age, especially with the younger set…lets say a 21 male dating a 14 female we start to question the males maturity and his capability to relate to his peer group. The same goes with females who are much older…like a 16 female dating a 14 male…we need to examine her maturity and her ability to related to her peer groups. When we get older we do not question such differences. Lets say a 28 female dating a 35 male. The reasons for this is that the female should be mature, and can fit into his peer group being able to go to bars, and relating to much of the same music. Age gaps begin to disappear as we get older. Sue…good luck

Answer #5

I dont think age does matter unles your below the age of 14, say if you wer 14 an going out with a man age 24? then it does matter. but if your 15 and upwards I dont think it matters in my eyes, I lost my virginty 2 a 23 yr old I was only 15 I’ve always been with older men I dont like lads my age because there 2 immature my fiance is 22 an im 18 my mum loves him2 bits they get on really well and me an my fiances mum get on really well 2 an are familys havnt got a problem with the age diffrence! x

Answer #6

Love isn’t real. Sorry, Sweetheart.

Answer #7

no im 14 and my girlfriend is 16 but we still love each other :D as long as theres lover nothing else matters

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