Does a guy like you if he always answers your phone calls?

Ok I like this guy and I think he likes me. Everytime I call he always answers the phone, maybe on the first ring or whenever but he always answers the phone. I rarely ever get to his voicemail and if he does get a missed call he always calls me back. I'm just confused tho because sometimes when I call we only talk for a maybe a few seconds or mostly 5 minutes max and sometimes an hour depends on him. Today I called him and of course he answered but he told me he was mad so he would call me back.I could tell he was kind of irritated but it sounded like he just woke question for the guys is does he like me? I mean if he liked me wouldn't he have still wanted to talk to me? or is he just not in the mood to talk right now? if he didn't like me wouldn't he not answer my phone calls? but even when he doesn't have time to talk or he isn't in the mood he always answers the phone and tells me he can't talk right now and he'll call me back so does he like me if he's doing this? so I'm just curious

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well usually its a boyfriend type of thing to talk to a girl when you're mad. most guys also like space, it's just how they are, you rarely hear guys talking about their deepest emotions of what they're feeling. honestly it seems to me that either you've been really good friends for a while or he likes you. it almost seems like he waits for your call. don't expect him to ALWAYS have a long conversation. I think how to really find out if he likes you is what the conversation consists of. do you guys flirt a lot or is it more of a friendly conversation? & also what you talk about will help you realize if he does like you. hope I helped!

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There a few ways to go about doing this

- Flirt a little, like add small flirty comments in ya'll convo, and see how he react


- Just plain out tell him, tell you are starting to like him more then a friend, and would like to know how he feel about you

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If he isn't texting or calling you, he may be busy or may not use his phone that much, but normally you because they like someone else, realize that these situations do not always occur.

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