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Ok, this is my friends account. She recently had the same problem as me and suggested I try asking this site. I tried making my own account but for some reason I never got the verification emails and I couldn’t figure out how to resend them (if you know how to do that could you private mail this account please ?)

Firstly, please don’t comment me to tell me how stupid I have acted. I am painfully aware of this and I wish I hadn’t done what I’ve done. I don’t need you to call me a ‘slut’ or anything like that, I looked up at some of the questions relating to mine and they have received quite a lot of negative comments. I’m asking for help not put downs.

My boyfriend and I found ourselves ‘caught in a moment’ around three weeks ago and had sex with considering the consequences or even really talking about it. He came outside of me, and assured me nothing was wrong and it was fine. However I’ve been worrying about the pre-cum and I haven’t had my period this month. Usually it comes late in the month in the second or last week but I’m quite worried it’s not going to come at all. I’ve also been experiencing breast tenderness but from memory this also happened a month or two ago for no apparent reason so I thought this may have been linked with my periods.

Is it too early for signs like breast tenderness to be occurring ? Am I over analysing things ?

I told my boyfriend my periods haven’t come yet, and his begun to worry a bit about it. So we started talking about what we should do. We’ve decided if they don’t come this month to get a test, if the test is positive we plan on going to the doctors. However I don’t want to tell my mother and father about it as soon as I found out its possible. I want to go to the doctors talk to them myself without my parents and make my own decision because I think that my parents would try to make my decision for me if I told them and I believe my boyfriend and I need to make our decision on what to do ourselves. As far as I know the doctor can’t tell my parents what we’ve talked about unless it’s a danger to me or something ? (In Australia anyway). However I’m concerned about the payment. My boyfriend said I would need a medicare and the only card I’m on is our family card.

Would my family be billed for this ?

He then said that we probably didn’t need a medicare card for the local GP, so how much would it generally cost to go and see the doctor to talk about the options we had and that ?

Any advice would be great, Thank you!

Answer #1

ok well yes sperm is in pre cum so if there was any penetration during sex, and your not on birth control or didnt use condoms then theres still a pretty good chance your not a slut for having sex with your boyfreind so if anyone puts you down like that pay no attention to them sluts are people who have sex with pretty much everyone. your not one of them now…dont beleive everything you her, he may have said everything was fine but your entitled to have your opinion about it and worry breast tenderness is a sign of pregnancy but can also happen for other reasons so its hard to base it on that alone if its been less than 3 days get the morning after pill otherwise your options are a blood test at the doctors or a pregnancy test as for the money…it varies a bit but $50 is a good estimate on how much they usually charge your also right. they wont tell your parents unless its endangering you and you can go to the doctors by yourself and talk to them alone just ask the place for an appointment first and then you can go try to get an apointment as soon as you can or ask if you could see them now if your worried

Answer #2

if you can find a pregnancy center they will be able to help you know for sure and they usually don’t cost a thing. Make sure it’s a non profit one though, that’s what they are there for.

Answer #3

I think you are too anxious about the situation and are stressing yourself out. Give it a few more weeks and if your period hasn’t started then take a pregnancy test.

Try crossing your bridges when you get to them, not before.

Answer #4

I was prego and it started with missing my period. I also felt brest tenderness, but it wasnt as bad as they say. But a big one is are you going to the bathroom more frequently? That was the next step for me. But I had a miscarriage in january so im not prego anymore. It takes about two weeks for the egg to plant in your uterus. This is when all of the signs start to happen. With the whole belly showing its different for people. But you get alittle puch, though its not noticable. I never took a test. But to make sure you might want to. They cost under $20, so good luck sweetie fun mail me if you need too.

Answer #5

I’m not for telling the parents of a person in your situation but I do think it might help the person if they’re thinking about aborting the baby. My mom was pregnet with me at 16 and almost did that and is glad she didn’t. I think that a person in your shoes has every right to privacy about the situation. … But if I had a friend going throught the same thing and leaning towards abortion I would do anything to try and save that babys life because I know that the guilt will leave at least two lives toarn. … There are other options that can help people who can’t have children. … … … If you are pregnant whatever you do it’ll be hard but PLEASE ! don’t just choose what seems to be the easy way out.

Answer #6

‘But a big one is are you going to the bathroom more frequently?’

Not more then usual.

It’s just the sore breasts, like the underside of the breast and the peroid that hasn’t come yet.

Besides that I’ve just been stressing out and been upset and teary.

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