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Doctors lied to my girlfriend. I'm pissed!!

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My girlfriend was having some werid family problems. She found it had to get to sleep at night. so, we went to a doctor and he gavr her this bottle an said 'take 50mg during day, 100mg at night'.

I thought it was strange, but I didn't think too much of it. Now my girlfriend moved in with me and I looked at the name of the drug, it was serotonin (spelled wrong I think). the name sounded familiar to me but I couldn't remember what it was.

I checked WebMD and it was an anti-depressant!! I asked my girlfriend if she knew it was and she said 'no', I believe her. I told her to immediately discontinue the use and to flush the pills. I'm pissed at the doctor because he said it was for sleeping. using serotonin as a sleeping aid is not a proper use of the drug. He lied to her.

Should I just let it go? or she I report him?