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Do you think this is weird?

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I was talking to my cousin yesterday about stuff haha. And then we started talking about sex and she asked me how I want my boyfriend tooo be haha. And I told her. She freaked out, said I was weird, and said she was gonna tell my mom to take me to the mental clinic. I kinda felt sad/hurt because she was serious.
Anyways I told her like I sometimes I have dreams of him RA...PING ME haha. And other extreme stuff. And now I reallywant that. Do you thnk thats weird? Its like I only think about stuff like that with him, not any other guy.

Umm just give me your opinion, and I know some of you have been in a REAL situation when that happend to u, and you didnt want it soo im sorry. Dont hate me or judge me for this, I know its weird.
Oh and I think my cousin freaked out like that because she was literally raped, well thats how she lost her virginity.