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Do you think the NFL did this on purpose.

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I keep wondering if Super Bowl 41 and 42 were fixed. Starting with SB 41, Before that point Payton Manning had never won a playoff game against the Patriots, and if were'nt for them coming back from a 38 to 34 win then the patriots would of won superbowl 41 against the Bears and it would of been almost 20 years to the day since the last time they played each other in Super Bowl 20. A year later the Pats get cought cheating even though the legendary (John Madden) also admitted he cheated one time too but the Patriots were the ones to get cought, So fast forward a yr later and here you have Payton's younger brother who everyone in New York wanted to be traded because everyone thought he sucked same thing with the coach they wanted him fired before their super bowl win. I think both Super Bowls were fixed because 1) Payton Manning kept complaining that he never won the big game and 2) Eli Manning being his younger brother was only fitted for them to each win a Super Bowl each back to back, Not to menchen their father was also a quaterback. I don't know about you but something was fishy during those two Super Bowls come on how many super bowl winning brother are in the NFL besides them, And not only that but the NFL kisses they butts all the time.