do you think I went a lil to over board?

so today at universal we were doing a charity walk, what we did was we had to take all these kids with down syndrome and show them a good time around the park, sooo anyways we are in this place where you can shoot balls at people and so the kid I was watching spent like forever collecting a bag full of balls so he can throw them at his friends, but then one of the guys that was helping with the charity walk, snatches it away from him and begins dumping it on me,

so I got on his a*s b/c how can he do that to that kid he spent like 30 min collecting these balls and he steals then away from him, I tried to stay like together but I was just pissed off at him,

did I go over board with the whole thing b/c I somewhat feal guilty fer some reason

Answer #1

I would of been pissed too! I mean WTF?! That was completely ridiculous of him. I would have punched that jacka*s for sure.

Answer #2

wow, I would be mad too! geez, no this guy needs to pay attention to what he did to this kid who worked SO hard to collect all of these. No worries. he deserved it =)

Answer #3

dudee no you didnt go overboard, he should feel bad you did the right thing.

Answer #4

Heck no you didn’t go overboard. I would’ve done the same thing, if not worse.

Answer #5

I would be pretty pissed off too, I mean how cruel…

And against charity too. I’d have yelled at them until they cried.

Answer #6

You were right - it was a totally thoughtless act - I wish you were big enough to deck ‘em !!

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