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Do you think hes using me?

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Okay so I've been hanging out with some guy hes 3 years older then me
Im 15 and im pretty mature for my age.
So we kicked it and we got along so well and then he did the sweetest
Thing ever! He just kissed me on my cheeck! :d [and hes hott!]
So he said me "so wats up?" I just looked at him and giggled
And I so I started to kissing him [making out] then we stop after a while
Then we talked and he started kissing my cheek.
Then we started going at it again ,we kissed, then we were dry humpingg
And then all of a sudden he got a boner!! Ahah I didnt mind I was still kissing him
So I started nimbling on hes lip [he loved that] then he started to grab
My butt then me p**sy [but I still had my jeans on.
So we stop again and he grabbed me by the waist and we were just
Cuddling and he was rubbing my waist with hes fingers[ felt soo good]
Then he turned and gave me a very slow sexy kiss[ like he meant it from the heart]
Then he started playing with my hand[ I thought that was soo cute when he was doing it] . Then he started trying to rub my pu**y but I still had my jeans on so he was trying to lie me down slowly then he unbuttoned my pants and then quickly I told he
"just rub it" because I didnt want hes fingers in there so he started to and the whole time he never stopped kissing me theni started getting crazy horny and I started to moan
And stuff [it felt sooo good] then gentle he asked me if he can finger me. I said "no'
And he respected that. Then he was rubbing it for a while.
Then we talked ,laughed,and I went home.
He told me to call him or txt

And hes been texting me everyday
Asking me how my days going and what im doing
He doesnt ask dirtyy things or anything
And hes always asking me "so when am I going to see yyou again"
Were going to hang out soon but I just wanted to see what you think of
This is he:

-using me?
-is he intersated?

Tell me what you think thank you<3