Do you recommend the Nuva Ring birth control?

I have an appt. to get sum new birth control… I’m horrible at remembering to take the pill everyday and on this Nuva ring you only have to put in and take out once a month. If you don’t know it’s the new method when it’s a ring you slide in the vagina and has the same effects as the pill. i was wondering if anyone here has used it or has or even knows someone who does. i think I’m gonna try it out but i just wanted some opinions! -Tatiyana

Answer #1

Hey Tatiyana,

My girlfriend takes it and she likes it. However, she has forgotten it from time to time and had scares. With the nuvo ring, you still have to remember to take it out, put it in, take it out, put it in. If you have a hard time remembering your pill, which in my opinion is easier to remember cause it’s every single day, then I’d go with the depo provera shot, which you have to go and get once every three months. I love it. No weight gain, less periods to deal it. Or there is a new thing–can’t remember what it’s called…something like the rods you put in your arm except it lasts only for three years instead of 7 and it’s only one rod instead of 7.

If you can’t take the pill cause you can’t remember, my advice is to take something that does the work for you. And GOOD FOR YOU for taking a good birth control. It’s so refreshing compared to some of the nitwits around here who are talking about babies and they are 15 years old!

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