Do you like these names for dogs?

Boy: Buddy Sam Jake

Girl: Lacey Delilah

Just wondering…

It’s names for future dogs ha ha

also… what names do you like for future dogs of your own?

plus what breeds would you get? I would get Border Collies and German Shepherds :)

Answer #1

I like Delilah, that’s the only one thoug. The names are just common that’s all.

Dogs we have now: Dory Outlaw Jack (Daniels) Luci(fer)

Dog names I like for future dogs: Kokomo Maryjane Koda

The breeds we have now are: Pit Bull, Dauchsund, Chihuahua. I would like to get another Pit Bull in the future though.

Answer #2

awww I love Pit Bulls!

Answer #3

truthfully … try to find a name that not a lot of people have for their dogs

Answer #4

I have a german shepard and had two more. My first dog name was sultan which means king and seconds name was bullet and the dog i have now is dj

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