Do you like my Poem about Flowers?

My Garden

It’s Not a Perfect Garden, but I try My Very Best

To keep it looking Bright and Pretty The Most Nicest in the West

With Orchids and Orange Jessamine And Sunflowers with Gardenias too

With Lilly Pads and a fish pond With A bird Cage and a Cockatoo

Although I’m not much of A Green Thumb I Am Learning As I go

With A Dreamy Garden In My head With Boarder Shrubs in a Row

With Gazonas and Musk Rose Poppies and Marigolds

And Viola jolly joker in hanging baskets painted Gold

And A Romeo and Juliet Seater under a Rosy Tree

This Is a Fantasy Garden Which Is a Special place just for me.

Answer #1

no…I love inspiring poem…not this one…but anyways…I admire the writer..she’s imaginative…

Answer #2


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