Do you like being given flowers as a gift?

And if so what is your favourite kind?

Answer #1

I’ve always loved the thought of receiving flowers from someone. I guess I’ve always liked the idea of old school romance or something, I don’t know. But, it wasn’t until recently that I actually received some…red roses from my fiance. He caught me really off guard! I think flowers in general are beautiful, but my top favorites would be: ♥Roses, especially red roses and ♥Orchids, preferably black truffle orchids, moth orchids, or phalaenopsis hybrid orchids.

Answer #2

I love getting flowers, and yes I love roses, but any flower has the same meaning to me. It says hey I was thinking about you. I have been given flowers from all kinds of people and it has different meanings to everyone. Lol my uncle sends my grandma fresh flowers every year on His birthday!

Answer #3

I just love flowers!!!11i would love to…hey angel I m giving you bunch of yellow roses…u know yellow roses is symbol of friendship..emm I heard that..m not sure though…

Answer #4

Yes I would love to get flowers. I actually think getting flowers would be better than getting any jewelry (because I’d never wear the jewelry and it would be a waste of money) but I love flowers. My favorite flower would have to be tulips. Any color tulip. Aww. flowers.

Answer #5

I agree with you pink, red roses are beautiful but other flowers with a unique touch are more stunning!

Answer #6

I will take flowers from anyone, anywhere, at any time. As long as it’s done with some thought, and as long as they’re NOT your typical over-priced - just - for - valentine’s - day -long stemmed red roses with baby’s breath.

Wild flowers picked from the side of the road – how can there be a more thoughtful gift?

Answer #7

I love sun flowers - I only like receiving flowers from a lover though, I wouldn’t want flowers from a best friend or anything.

Answer #8

black roses and sunflowers :)

Answer #9

nooo not really,they seem like a waste to me..

Answer #10

Thanks sweet girl. Ill take them either way they are very beautiful heres one for you :) @—}—

Answer #11

I love white roses

Answer #12

yes a mix 0f r0ses!

Answer #13

No not really any more maybe back in the day

Answer #14

Yeah and I like rose especially the red one it’s my favourite color :)

Answer #15

I love yellow roses, but oriental orchards are my favourite

Answer #16

yes ;]

red roses. funny I’ve never gotten any lol

Answer #17

Awww yes I love getting flowers :) I like red roses ofcourse or those lil pink flowers!! <3

Answer #18

no… they ussauly die after a week

Answer #19

Yes I would love to receive flowers as it brings a big smile on my face and I also love to gift flowers to people at any occasion too. I had just ordered an amazing flower arrangement at my brother’s birthday celebration in the last month.

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