do you like any of theses bands

just wondrin…

Korn greenday nirvana the enemy artic monkeys korn and grenday and nirvana… did I say that these are just some of my fave bands plus I love the type of music from vampire movie, queen of the damned!

Answer #1

I love nirvana! I like greenday and korn too. And queen of the damned has the best music

Answer #2

Nirvana the enemy arctic monkeys

Answer #3

hi I’m into actic monkeys,the enemy and greenday good choice!! if your dead do you sleep in a coffin,wots it like been dead?

Answer #4

I like Korn. Nirvana has some good stuff too.

Answer #5

nirvana is my absolute favoritee! &I also like korn . greenday too.

Answer #6

Korn Greenday and Nirvana are music that I listen to

Answer #7

Korn and Nirvana :)

Answer #8

Korn and Nirvana DONT JUDGE ME!!!

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