Do you like aeropostale?

It seems as if everybody hates aeropostale but I love aeropostale am I the only one that likes aeropostale

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I like aero too. But I'm also into hollister and abercrombie. Don't worry about what they think, and if you do care about what they think, then buy aeropostale clothes with out the name on it. They will never know! good luck :)

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I love aeropastle.right now they got polos for 9.99 each and shirts for 5.99. so right now their clothes are cheaper than american eagle and other places

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aero is ok, im not into hollister, american eagle, I kinda like abercrombie. I like converse one star, its not very popular but I hate preppy clothes because its like damn American eagle always has the same fricking type of clothes in like 70 types of colors and they sport retarded looking sweaters and then they have normal shirts that evry damn clothing retailer has, and in every modeling picture they have its always a black guy wearing the whitests clothes...

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here is the best answer ull ever get personaly im an aero fan put a lot of littler people are starting to go there and you dont want to be caught wearing what a 4th grader has so I suggest getting a really cute hot aero shirt that doesnt say aero on it noone will ever know and if your see another person wearing it and they ask you about it just say thts its from a different store =] take the advice ull need it

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I like it. their jeans just dont fit me write. but I love everything else

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Hmmm well Aeropostale is OK
I mean I like there shirts, Jackets and accesories
But I don't really like the jeans=(

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I love Aeropostale bc they have really cute clothes

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