Who sings "I love you more today than yesterday"?

who sings I love you more to day than yesterday? It is one of my favorites

Answer #1

Stevie Wonder

Answer #2

stevie wonder

Answer #3

I think Pat Upton and the Spiral Staircase did the original version. Upton is from my hometown of Geraldine, Alabama.

Answer #4

Theres been many remakes try: Goldfinger Spiral Staircase Diana Ross Shangri-Las

They all did remakes =]

Answer #5

My Chemical Romance I’m guessing.

Answer #6

The original is definitely by Spiral STAREcase, they are from Sacramento, CA.

Answer #7

Definitely: Spiral Staircase

Stevie Wonder covered it, but it best known by the Spiral Staircase

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