Do you get what you deserve??

Is it true that you get what you deserve?

Answer #1

no… there’s kids out there starving to death or living through wars, I highly doubt they did anything to deserve it

Answer #2

Nope theres no guarantee. Those who say that are overly strict and serious to me. But you do reap what you sow.

Answer #3

hell no. I know way way way to many good people who get F*cked all the time. including myself.

Answer #4

Not always’ &&& ‘’ty’’ has a good point.

Answer #5

in my opinion yes

Answer #6

everyone goes through good and bad times, surviving hardship makes us stronger. if everything was good all of the time- we would be spoiled.

so I would have to say no- people don’t always get what they deserve.

but “fate” and “life” can throw a “curve ball” at us on occasion- good and bad.

Answer #7

yea…I gues

Answer #8

yes and no

I believe if you did somethine wrong to someone else you will get it back three fold or whatever [[it has not happened to me but one of my ex bff’s “kayl**” turned everyone against me and all this crap started rumors and and saying I was pregnant. umm im a virgin…and BLAH…then about a month in a half later she found out she was pregnant only about a month]]

she came to me asking me for help. I REALLY didnt want to help her but I took her to the clinic thing and all this.

now she doesnt talk to me or anything so whatever.

but then the homeless and people who get cancer and are sick all the time I dont believe that anyone who gets that deserves it!

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