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Do you get annoyed by people who say 'lol' at everything?

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Why do people feel the need to add LOL to the end of every sentence?
Why are more and more people persistently using this pointless 'expression'.

If trying to get people to read laughter within a sentence, they should read laughter, not this idiotic abbreviation for an stupid phrase.

If writing something that's meant to be funny; people can decide whether
or not it was funny for themselves, without a self-obsessed idiot phrase.

If reading something funny, then laugh; do they REALLY need to type 'lol' after it? Am I the only one who finds it stupid??

The 'term', useless as it was anyway, has now lost any meaning...
"I got drunk the other night lol"
"[Name] is very bored lol"

WHY?! Why is that funny?! - Get a grip!