Do you feel this way when you answer questions?

Sometimes I feel like I aswer questions..just so that I may be told im a good advisor..mainly because im lonely …dont have friends in my college..who appreciate me and the rest of that.. but most answers I give are from my heart lol and I say what ifeel..both here and in real life..but I wish I were both here and in real life… Do you feel that you answer question from ure heart on here..just so that ure apprecitaed..I think this is solely the reason why I do it..very sad I know and sometimes in m,y answers I even talk about my depressing life..ironic as it may seem lol..I do it quite often..whne I answer a question ,I answer by talking about my exeperiences in life relelvant to that particular question that I would be you do you find youself doing these things??

Answer #1

I enjoy trying to make a little difference in someones life - reading others answers and getting feedback.

Answer #2

Yes. I feel those types of answers are the most effective because it makes the person feel like someone actually understands them. Sometimes we feel like nobody understands us, we all feel like that at some point in our life. And to have someone tell you their similar experience, makes you feel that much better knowing they understand how they feel. My answers vary; if its a deep question, I’ll give a deep answer. But if its a stupid question, I’ll give a stupid answer. The way the person asks the question, is what makes me decide whether I want to give a serious answer or not. In order for me to give help to someone, I want to feel as though they are going to take my advice and actually use it. I’d hate to spill my feelings for someone who isn’t going to care what I have to say. I think someones question usually gives a good idea on whether they are going to accept help or not. Some people ask questions then just put down people when they answer. Its important to know that people is going to use your advice or understand your opinion, etc.

Answer #3

I answer question on here because I like to help people and I love getting messages back saying thanks that helps but what I would love more is if people would message me telling me exactly what helped them that I said and what did because I want to be a psychologist and I want to know how well my listening skills r

Answer #4

haha, well I always feel lonely. but I am a very ohnest person. I dont care what other people think of me, and im only here to help people and share my advice with them. the only thing im interested is helping someone…weather it be in a small way or a big way. if even one person benifits from me being here then im happy with that. weather they tell me or not…it doesnt bother me!

Answer #5

Everyone likes feeling appreciated, of course I feel the same!


Answer #6

im here to help with good advice..I hope.

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