do you belive your dreams can come true?

do you? have your dream ever came true

Answer #1

My biggiest dream –> My palms to stop sweating. It didnt’t come true yet but I belive it will some day. I think only hope and belive will make you succeed :)

Answer #2

I believe they can. Once one of mine did, but I can’t remember what it was

Answer #3

They can come true, if you strong belive in them, and your trying to make them come true :)

Answer #4

I believe in some form they do. with what it means it will eventually. I think the lesson will be learned through real life just not neccessary in that exact way

Answer #5

Yes I do :)

Answer #6


Answer #7

nope faker fackers gezx xd losers :R

Answer #8

I have had numerous dreams / nightmares that have come true

Answer #9

yes I believe they can. some of them already have, and on some im still working. I call it “im in the process” lol. nothing happens overnight!

I believe you can accomplish anything as long as you have faith and it will come true. and of course, you have to work on it. like real hard. its less likely you’ll accomplish anything if you just sit.

and dont let anyone tell you its impossible!! everything is possible if you put your heart into it!!!

Answer #10

A few of my dreams came true such as living on my own, finally getting a career, going to college, finding a partner to be with for the rest of my life, and being free from my parents. I have more dreams and I hope they come true.

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