Do you believe in guardian angels?

Hello. Do you believe in guardian angel? Is there guardian angel protecting you?

Answer #1

I’m positive I have one and its saved my life. A few years ago I was really cold so I decided to bring the Gas heater into the room and sat in front of it. Of course it was a stupid idea as I was tired and the gas can kill you from lack of oxygen. My bro was asleep in bed when he was woken up by someone who told him to find me now. thats all it said “find Kevin now”. So my bro done exactly as was asked and of course found me slumped in front of this gas heater. He grabbed me brought me outside where I just kept throwing up. I always pray to my gaurdian angel. With the things I get upto, I think il need it again. lol

Answer #2

Yes, I definately believe in angels, and have heard of many stories where they did intervene. I have also heard many stories where there was no intervention, so, in conclusion, I am not sure what, how or why they are activated. In other words, many questions remain about them.

  1. Are we assigned one when we are saved?
  2. What are they assigned to do for us?
  3. Do we have to enlist their help, or is it just there?

I guess, as always, there will be many questions that we won’t have answers to until we meet Jesus, face to face, and then, we will know the rest of the story.

I do firmly believe in constantly praying for protection, and I believe by doing so, that we are able to avoid many things that might happen, if we do not pray. And I also believe that many things happen, because no one is praying for a particular person. I really believe to activate Gods protection, thru the angels, requires an action on our part. Maybe not every time, but, to have Gods protection, I think we have to seek it. There may be times when it just appears, but, as a continual thing in ones life, I believe petitions are necessary.


Answer #3

I don’t know about all that but I do believe you have an angel sent from god that watches u \

my mom use to tell me that when I prayed the angel wud take my prayers to god lol whether thats true or not I don’t know lmao

Answer #4

no, some good things happen to people or something life-saving and they assume it was a “miracle” or “god”, when it was sheerly normal chance.

Answer #5

Yes, when my big brother was 2, he got hit by a car, but he survived. His is called Bob. My angel is called Sam, its an epic battle between her and my inner deamon.

Answer #6

I believe in reincarnation. Accordingly I do believe that some entities may attempt to “guide” us through subconscious thoughts while they are between incarnations. I don’t perceive of them as angels but as guides.

Answer #7

The concept of a guardian angel implies that god is not already in control, and that at times some angelic being has to interfere to change an outcome. No, I don’t believe in such things.

Answer #8

Yes, I do. I don’t pray to them but I know that they’re a way God looks after us - it’s really good to hear your experiences of them.

Answer #9

yes!! I believe so! for me! because I feel like I’m always protected, and that god gave everyone a gardian angel to look, watch, and keep us safe!!

Answer #10

im catholic, so yea. and I’ve read amazing stories about people being saved by them. I’ve never experienced something like that, …or maybe I did, I just didnt notice it

Answer #11

When you are alone in a fully loaded semitruck (80 tons) in the process of rolling it over and hear someone say “Relax” and go as limp as a rag doll And walk away with only a bruised femur bone. . . I kinda makes you tend to believe. Yes I do.

Answer #12

My answer to that question, uncledoody, is that god doesn’t exist either. heh.

Answer #13

But what if god tells this being to interfere?

Answer #14

I’m not really sure. I like to think I have one. I do know that God watches over me. :)

Answer #15

yeah I do. I pray for it everyday. if your catholic you know which one im talking about.

Answer #16

ya I sure do :)

Answer #17


Answer #18

Nope I Dont

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