Do you???

Do you belive that god made someone for everyone…I dooo!

Answer #1

I really hope so. God has given us things like sex, and marriage, so everyone should be able to experience the greatness of them (I assume they are great, as I am 15 and neither sexually active nor married), and there is such a diversity and difference in people that there must be atleast an awesome match for everyone, if not perfect.

Answer #2

I think theres someone out there for everyone…everybody was meant to be another person, I think everyone was made for someone my opinion I think theirs happiness for everyone in this world too, we ust have to work for it(=

Answer #3

maybe :) I mean, there’s tons of people in this world.. Way more than you can count!! and everyone has their own opinion. and sometimes people have “different opinions.” I think this is a pretty good question ^_^

Answer #4

no but my question to you is how did godcreat himself? so figur out that one I really thinks he/she is not real at all

Answer #5

um it depends whether or not you believe in God firstly which I dont but it is possible, but highly doubtfull

Answer #6

definitly, thers someone out ther for everyone and its just up to each person to find him/her!!! every1 desrves someone to love them, who aint family at that point

Answer #7

I really dunno about that one… I’d like to think so, but then he gave us free will so, I dunno… I really hope he did. :D

Answer #8

yeah I guess I think its just whether you find the person.. x

Answer #9

Idont, but then again I dont believe in “God” at all.

Answer #10

I dont know sometimes I question it…

Answer #11

Definately yes.

Answer #12


Answer #13

yup I do(:

Answer #14

I do!!

Answer #15

I dont

Answer #16

yeah I do!!!=]

Answer #17

yep :D

Answer #18

yea and naw. if god does make people wich I doubt more and more, cause if were his image he must be pretty messed up. but there are people out there that make every ones day bright, and people out there that do the opposite wich in turn gives us the want or power to do better so where all here 4 a reason. what reason we will nvr evr know.

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