Do you think I'm anorexic?

i think im becoming anorexic all my friends at school say im skinny but i know im fat all my friends say that im turning anorexic but i dont think i am i stopped eating about 2 weeks ago and now i have 1 buscuit thing a day and then i run up and down the stairs for about 30 minutes i feel realli cold and tired all the time do u think im anorexic???

Answer #1

Yes you are becoming an anorexic so start eating more. It is a unhealthy lifestyle and will damage your body and ruin your life. You need food to have ENERGY and WARMTH! From your Picture you do not seem overweight at all.

Just to let you know MOST GUYS dont like girls who look like stick figures!!!

Lack of food will while you are growing will damage your body and mind. Your Body and Mind will not fully develop they way they are supposed to with out nutrition.

Anorexia is a Disease, it is not glamorous. Even in Spain it is now illegal to be below a healthy weight to be a MODEL.

So first thing today go eat something, not to much because it will make you sick since you haven’t eaten in a while and your stomach has shrunk.

Take care of your body it has to last you a lifetime!

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