Do you like my rap

Gots to go wit the flow Say a word for my hoes Rollin blunts kickin punts On my n-sixty foe Because when you live the gangsta life And you got lots of dough You aint gots to worry about the poes Got an escalade wit them 20 inch rims Whenever I stop Those mutha f%kas spin Because thats how I roll on the mutha f#ckin block If I catch you on my turf Im going to shoot you with my glock Because im a gangsta b@tch Like al capone Ill straight up shank ya b@tch When u’s alone

Answer #1

The beginning sounded like something Young Jeezy would say, the rest was ok! If you put your back into it, you could have a one hit wonder some day!

Answer #2

You are very good at rhyming and getting a rhythm down… it would just be nice to see a clean rap once in awhile, or one that doesn’t talk about money and say things like “Ill straight up shank ya b@tch/ When u’s alone.” You will get more respect from a majority of people if you are able to write a good rap without offending anyone or cursing. Don’t be afraid to get creative in the subject matter! A rap doesn’t have to be all about money, women, and fame.

I think you are good at composing though, and you definately have a future in the business!

Answer #3

pretty weak sound’s like a ten year old this better im out of this world ima extraterrestrial im the sickest and im talking about lyrical my flow will tell you that ima General I tell these girls 2 the neck yea that’s my motto they be like what dose that I say just shut up and swallow I got them rocks like I live in colorado if it’s beef im untouchable I eat these rapper’s like there lunchable’s IGO broke outta my cage ima animal lost my mind brain dead im outta control I stay solid like skull im the best rapper alive can I get drumroll im a lyrical genius I murder tracks its offical im from the bay so I do the dummy retarded like a damn criple

Answer #4


Answer #5

sorry but no… it seems like your demining wemen, without wemon you wouldnt be here right now. its sad that you like this…

Answer #6


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