Do you like Linkin Park??

Do you like Linkin Park? I like the song Crawling & In the end + lots more!

Answer #1

I love linkin park!

Answer #2

yupperz :)

Answer #3

The band is pretty wicked. I love their songs ‘Numb’ and ‘Faint’

Answer #4

Numb+Faint are my favs. I hate crawling.

Answer #5

I love linkin park…the only problem is they suck live…well at least their lead singer does.

by the way In The End is my favorite song…and also crawling, faint, breaking the habit, bleed it out and hands held high..o and high voltage is pretty good to

Answer #6

Yes,I like,but not their rap-rock songs…

Answer #7

Yes, fave songs by them are - Faint, Crawling, Numb and In The End. There’s others that are alright too.

Answer #8

I love linkin park dude

Answer #9

Linkin Park all the way!

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