Do you like blonde hair?

Do you like blonde hair? Tell me why or why not you like it.

Answer #1

it really doesnt matter the color of your hair, I always say “like what god gave u” and I actually prefer brown hair cause its more vibrant but its all up to u ,not others! :)

Answer #2

I dont like blonde hair. im happy to be brunette I think dark hair shows sultry and mystery.

Answer #3

I don’t think it matters to me. I am naturally blond (the only one in my immediate family - so is kinda strange and I get teased bout it but that not my problem :-)

Answer #4

I’m a natural blonde and I’m not dumb or slutty or preppy. The color of your hair has nothing to do with how smart you are or the kind of person you are. Whoever started that is a f*ckin moron.

Answer #5

xx_the_a7x_parade_xx is more than right, the color of your hair has NOTHING to do with the kind of person you are!

Answer #6

Hey Blonde’s are not dumb Im a Blonde and I make mostly A’s But I do like Blonde so yeah watever Its a very pretty color

Answer #7

I love blonde hair. I just do. BUt I like every color hair.

Answer #8

No. because there’s lots of blonde girls in the world and blonde are always classified as dumb and slutty girls.

But it does look pretty sometimes. just too overrated and lots of them look fake.

Answer #9

I love it on guys. but girls just have that rep for being dumb when they are blonde. thats why I dont like it on girls. but on guys its going through a blonde guy stage right now. lol

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