Do you have a girlfriend

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I have a boyfriend and my friend stole my boufriend

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sorry I for got I do have a girlfriend but I don't love her and I don't call basicly shes my girl friend if shes near me at the time I think she thinks I have felling s for her lol

we made out and he has a girlfriend :-/
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nope I don't want one I want a boyfriend thoe

My bestfriend got a girlfriend
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why is this in the religion section?

I have a wife

What to do if you annoy your girlfriend?
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no I want a boyfreind though xx

What is an appropriate spending amount for my girlfriend's b-day gift?
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Nope...but I finally have a boyfriend

Why can't I get a girlfriend?
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nope, I dont have a boyfrind either

Cuddling with your girlfriend
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no...but I have a pretty hot boyfriend!!!

My girlfriend??
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I have a brother

How should i tell my girlfriend about a issue?
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no, I dont have a girlfriend, and I looking for.

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I have a girl that's a friend xD
but no, boys are stupid at my age.

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Yes, I have and it's about for the last 10 years.

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